Carbon Monoxide: The Silent Killer

Colorless, Tasteless, Odorless.

Are Firefighters Unknowingly Risking Their Health While Helping Others?

“Firefighters who ignore the serious dangers of CO exposure are risking heart attack, stroke, neurological disorders, lifelong disability, and death.”

Dr. Mike McEvoy
EMS Director, New York State
NYS Association of Fire Chiefs

“Even a single high level exposure, or prolonged exposure to low levels of CO, has the potential to cause long-term cardiac, neurocognitive and psychiatric damage. The long-term effects of CO -- including Parkinson-like syndromes affecting motor skills and speech, dementia, cortical blindness, acute renal failure, muscle cell death, and more; can be devastating for fire fighters and their families.”

IAFF General President Harold A. Schaitberger

The Sacramento Fire Department, in conjunction with the University of California, Davis, has launched the first ever, university-based study evaluating firefighters' exposure to Carbon Monoxide in multiple firefighting enviornments.

The study objective is to determine the extent of Carbon Monoxide exposure of firefighters in live fire settings including overhaul operations in working structure fires and post fire attack modes in wildland fires.

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